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We equip you with all you need for getting into your dream international university!


Go West is the trailblazer in the sector of overseas education since its inception in 2011. We are fully committed to converting your dreams of getting admission in a foreign country into a vibrant reality. Once you contact Go West, rest assured, as we are completely capable of delivering. We utilise a stepwise procedure to ensure the best possible services to our clients.

You are much more than just a client to us. You are a hope for the future; a dream just waiting to be realised. Every child is unique in his/her gifts and abilities and Go West always looks at the bigger picture. Thus, we firstly analyse the academic merit and financial affordability of the student. Based on that data, we provide you with a consultation about how we can help you attain your life goals


Mind you, Go West has its feet set in reality and thus, we never try to feed you lies and impractical deception. The advice we offer will depend on your individual analysis. We will only suggest you Universities where you actually have a chance, where your talents will find their home. About 3000 students till date have found a place in their dream universities due to our courtesy. We are a highly reputed overseas education consultancy, eminent in the entirety of Telangana.

Given full dedication from the student’s side, we become their stepping stones to success. We have a dynamic team, people who are well-versed in their specialties. They use their talents to provide a clear picture of a successful career to those bright but confused ones. Upon the SWAT analysis, we base our counsel to the young minds. In this way, they can be certain about the career they choose for themselves. But again, the students must empty their minds and give us their best aptitude so that we can suggest the most appropriate option.


Go West will also provide you with the means to reach your favourite overseas campus. IELTS, TOEFL, and GRE are some courses we offer. We have a brilliant team of greatly qualified teachers to deliver fantastic lectures on these professional courses. All of them have the ability to aid your efforts of getting into reputed educational institutions worldwide. Our teachers will take your individual strengths and weaknesses into consideration while delivering their lectures. The entire course material is broken into easily understandable segments. Every topic is worked upon in great detail so that students can gain maximum benefit from it.


We will understand you and then we do our best to make you reach your goal. We provide our guidance throughout your application and admission process, happily! Get in touch at one of our Go West counsellors today. You will be informed about all you need to know.

Leave the rest, Go West!

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