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United States of Kingdom

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STUDY IN United States of Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a highly prominent name in the sector of overseas education. Students from all around the globe prefer the UK as the prime location for pursuing further studies. That is partially the reason why it is an amalgamation of cultures and languages. The country has an inseparable aura of royalty associated with itself. The quality of education is no doubt, commendable. Education taken from a UK university or college is respected and admired anywhere in the world. The employers recognize its value with great confidence. The learning environment provided in the country is highly modern, making the student grow her/his abilities with great care.


The colleges and universities in the UK are constantly ranked amongst the world’s best. Birmingham City University, Cardiff University, De Montfort University and many other respected names belong to this country. Any employer in the world will greatly honour a degree or diploma from a UK university. The reason is the perfect standards of education that allow the student to even increase his/her artistic and creative abilities. This can be done while garnering academic excellence. You will be provided knowledge and support by the top talents in the world, thus, giving you an opportunity to learn from the best.


The programs in UK universities are crafted in such a way to be completed within a shorter span of time. They do not believe in spending more time than necessary while making each minute matter. This gives a final effect of cost savings on the student’s part. Besides, students are allowed to work part-time along with studies. They are free to work full time during vacations. Students can earn up to 30,000 to 42,000 in a complete term, depending on what they do.

The point based system (PBS) allows students to manage migration who want to study and work in the country. After completing their course, students can work for up to 3 years. This can be expanded after that period. If you are a graduate entrepreneur, there is a good opportunity for you as well. There are 1000 positions each year for entrepreneurs with revolutionary ideas.


Some universities take students in September to October while others take students from January to February. For Undergraduate courses, your IELTS score should be at least 6.5. If you attempt TOEFL, you must have 80 marks. If you are looking for Postgraduate courses, your IELTS score has to be at least 7.0 or you should score a minimum of 90 in the TOEFL test.

If your score in English is 70 and above on secondary and senior secondary level, you may be eligible for an exemption.


Universities in the UK are very particular about the quality of applications. Your admission letter depends on the kind of application you make, along with your eligibility of course. Go West will help you on each step of your overseas education. From selection of your university and course to application, we have got everything covered!